How to Deliver Bad News to a Project Sponsor and Not Getting Killed

As a Project Manager we have the responsibility to report the Project Status to the Sponsor and the Stakeholders. This also means delivering bad news if the project is not working as expected. However no one likes bad news, so it gets tricky on how you deliver message of poor performance to the Project Sponsor.As a Project Manager you should be honest and accurate while reporting the project performance, the information you share here is important to plan any risk that might fail the project.You should be also aware that what ever you report can be taken from a different perspective and your intention can be doubted by your project manager…Your Project manager might view your intention as Political one to avoid working on his project…or he might think you are helping some other sponsor to demean the reputation of current sponsor.To break a news to your sponsor, if you think that he would not take it positively if told directly, then follow the following steps:1. Start by explaining the situation that has happened. For example a task did not get complete.
Starting a communication with words like “We have a problem…” creates a panic button…works for person who prefer direct communication…It is better to start the sentence with “We have a situation…” that helps the other person to understand the situation first and let them analyze the situation.
2. Tell him how you feel about the situation and what you wanted the current situation to be…or what you desired the situation to be.
Let them understand that you are deeply concerned with the situation and let them know that you never wanted the current situation to happen
3. Explain how the situation impact the business and how it impact the sponsor’s cause for supporting the project.
The impact of current situation should be related to business, if this is made personal then it will result in conflict.
The purpose of above communication is to get the sponsor understand the situation and make him analyze the problem from the business perspective.This will help the sponsor to work with you to plan for any downturn or manage any risk associated with the current situation in hand.Remember it is always better to report the accurate situation of the project. Doing this is not only ethical but will help you maintain your dignity. No one likes bad news, but some people become pathetic when bad news is delivered to them. For such person you need to bring their attention to the current situation and explain the impact of the situation on the business. This way you will guide them to analyze the situation and better cooperation from them on the situation.

Forex News – A Goldmine For News Traders?

Investors all over the world are looking for new ways to invest their funds and ultimately make a great return on their investment. While stocks, bonds and commodities have always been stable investment opportunities, the Forex market is quickly becoming the most profitable yet stable way to invest your hard earned money.¬†Although Forex is becoming much more popular and lucrative, it can be difficult for traders to make money in this potentially profitable market because of the complicated charts, graphs and trends that can accompany currency trading. Surprisingly, one of the most effective strategies isn’t an EA or software program, it’s the ability to analyze market news.Forex NewsBusiness and financial market news can have very significant effects on movements in the Forex market because currency pair values are always tied to business, politics and the money markets.¬† Expert investors understand this so they spend a lot of time searching for and reading the best news they can find. While many news sites and popular and have different stories, traders who make the most money online look at the news which directly effects the currency pair that they are planning to trade.Different SourcesWhile there are many different sources for Forex news, some of the best places are forums, independent blogs, mainstream news sites which have sections specifically devoted to business and the stock market and Forex brokers. You can find these sources simply by typing “Forex news” into a search engine or you can search for market news on different forums, where experts post their analysis.

Live News Has a Pinch of Salt in It

When it comes to doing business, the money market plays an important role. It is because, under this market, the lending and borrowing of money goes on. Any business organization, either big or small, would require some or the other kind of loan or money. With this amount, these business houses invest in overtaking other companies or investing in joint ventures. The India Money Market has seen frequent ups and downs, since it has saw the daylight. In order to learn about this market in detail, every person involved in it is required to recognize with the constraints around which the news related to this matter in India revolves. Moreover, news has always been important for us to keep ourselves abreast of latest happenings around us.Each and every category of news has its own significance in an individual’s life. The political news will be liked to by people, who are interested to know the turmoil in a party or the proceedings of the party leaders. Apart from this, the person interested in knowing about the gossips of movie starts would be interested in bollywood news. Similarly, if you are interested in knowing about the Indian economy; then, finance or money market news would be apt for you. It is an important piece of news, without which it seems difficult to plan out further proceedings of the business.The India money market engages an extensive range of tools. Here, maturities vary from one day to a year, fixed by banks and numerous companies. The money market is also unswervingly linked with the Foreign Exchange Market through the course of action of covered interest arbitrage, in which the onward premium acts as a bridge between domestic and foreign interest rates. Such types of news enable an individual to predict about future loss or profit, so that he is able to decide over the kind of plan to be made. After all, these news items are meant to provide you accurate information and an idea about future happenings.One of the most sought after part of a news item is the live news. It is because this tells about the latest happenings and something that is not known before. There are a variety of people that keep looking out for such kind of news that refreshes their mind and gives them new topics for discussion. One can catch the live news on television news channels, radio and news websites. Since, the day starts with trying to access these sources, we just cannot afford to live without been informed about the happenings in the world around us. Moreover, the news helps us to enhance our general knowledge and helps us to keep pace with the increasing amount of intellectuals.