Red Carpet Celebrity Style, Fitness and Health

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a television celebrity or movie superstar? It seems as though everyone today is obsessed with the lives, physical fitness, health, and style of their own personal favorite stars. Could you imagine every time you leave your home, being photographed and judged for your weight, health and fitness? Or for your style? You know – everything you wear, the way you fixed your hair. Did you forget to put on underwear?People everywhere spend a bundle of money on magazines just to get the latest gossip; whether it is true or not, and to see what is hot and trendy in the fashion world.We often know more about our favorite celebrities than our own family and friends, perhaps because their lives are so extravagant and over the top! Several celebrity weddings come to mind. The money spent is just monumental, and every detail is celebrated and documented! We read, and hear, and watch every facet of their marriage ceremony; from their elaborate gala to the extraordinary carte du jour. The fashion and accessories alone influence many new brides, grooms, bridesmaids, and groomsmen. From the latest styles and trends of wedding gowns, to bridesmaids dresses and the latest formal wear for the groom and the groomsmen. Not to mention the opulence in jewelry, and extravagance in location, somehow these private rituals become “newsworthy” and flood the tabloids.It seems every one of us less fortunate folk must be extremely curious as to how the other more fortunate folk live, as their lives saturate all the magazines and every “entertainment” program on cable, television, radio, and the internet. There are businesses run exclusively on the allure of the red carpet and the fascination of the glamour, charisma, and charm of the prominent well-known superstar. Within hours of every appearance on the red carpet; dresses are reproduced, jewelry and accessories are duplicated, and hair styles are copied. Within hours you can buy the latest look at bargain prices. Also, we can copy our favorite hairstyle by printing the latest hair- do from our computer at home; and take the picture to our favorite hair stylist to get a jump on the rest of the fashion world!Their are several types of magazines available to keep us up on the latest health and fitness trends. We can read all about our favorite celebs and their fitness plans, and their daily menus. We can follow their weight loss and/or gain, and we can be inspired to change ourselves as well.